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Shantaram book review

I am back if anyone is reading this post. While doing some Bakchodi a.k.a Mental Mastubation in office my friend rohit told me that there is a book called shantaram which is highly recommended. I thought let’s give it a try.  I am always happy when it comes supplying money in economy and I ordered shantarm from Flipkart. 
Days past, I forgot that i have even ordered the book as I was busy in my clerical job and one day I returned from home in night book was lying on the table packed but my mom had tore apart the parcel in which it arrived to see what’s inside it. I was shocked to see the book as it was around 1000 pages. Pretty fat, I remembered YokoZuna  \m/  .   I flipped pages and as I turned on the saga it was something that I have never read before. I remembered the movie Great escape where prisoners do the Jail-Brake. I remembered “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” for all the philosophy and I liked the girl “Karla who reminded me of my crush in college. Her quotes are …

Valentino Rossi :-What if I HAd never Tried it

Yo !! I am back. After short exile I am back and kicking. YAY!!

Ok, cutting the cheese and Coming to point. I ordered this book from Flipkart and to be honest, when it arrived I was kind of disappointed since, I was expecting it be a bit thick flooded with photographs and some hot babes!!. Neither thick nor hot babes hmmmm thats bad and the yellow paper jacket makes the matters even worse.

Ok now that was before I had never tried opening the book. I open it , flipped few pages and things were not that dark or rather yellow, I should say.

First three chapter deals with Rossi thrashing Honda , their culture and bla bla. That was the boring part and it seems quite dull. But after that its just , Yes my favourate word is coming kick Ass :) . Rivalries, courage , concentration, sheer thrill of winning in the last lap, some cool insides into Moto GP, Gigs, sneak peak into F1 are really great. After reading it I came to know that You can move a F1 car by one finger , of-course when it is neu…

Agassi VS Sampras -Autobiography My Take

It was in the late 2010 that I finished reading Open -written by Andre Agassi and in the mid of 2011 I finished A champion's Mind: Lessons from a life in tennis written by Pete Sampras, both of them a cult figure across the globe and their rivalry is something like coke and Pepsi- the only difference being , earlier not featured as any case study of an MBA curriculum.

What I love about open is that Andre has stripped his mind in hs writing the way he shares his emotions as he is growing , his relation with his coach ,love life, drugs everything is brilliant .While reading it I felt that I am an invisible person sitting in tennis court as match is going on.

Stop thinking start feeling

On the other hand Pete has I think not shred all the inhibitions while writing his book. I was not able to have a look into his mindset although waht he has written is absolute class. HIs growing up, practice sessions ,warrior moments is sheer excellence

You either live by the sword or die by it

I wil…

Zen and the art of MotorCycle maintenenace-Full Throttle

So I have read one of the bestsellers of all time-cult-Zen and the art of Motor Cycle maintenance.
Quality!Virtue!Dharma.A subtle read. I think as I grow up I have to read it once again to absorb some more virtues from it.I am still not clear about author thoughts on quality but I liked when he says Gumption is the gasoline that keeps it ticking and at the time of writing this article I am totally running out of it.

I loved his thought about the education and my belief is also re-affirmed that I am not the only one who is short fuse present who don;t like the boring methodologies of teaching.Author has tremendous insight about physics/philosophy and of course not to forget motorcycle.He is also witty at times.

Phaedrus is a cool character and reveals a dark streak that I also possess.

Brilliantly written ,my first exposure to the world of Philosophy and I guess I will do it in future

Thought provoking and its content has a stark resemblance to Madbhagwat Geeta:-I guess Quality!!Virtue…

Super Pawani-cool kid

She is my niece and remind me of times when I was young although my cheeks were bigger than her :)

She is cool and currently in rapper mode and apparently her smile makes me forget everything in the world.Rock on Champ!!

Teaser-My Encounter with Zen and the art of MotorCycle Maintenance

Location was Noida,India.It was late in the evening and I was roaming in lobby of my Paying guest accommodation.My veteran adjoining room-stayer Mr.Praveen Bhatt one of the erudite personalities I have encountered in my after college life told me that there is a book called Zen and the art of motor-cycle maintenance which writes something splendid about quality.He also told us that this book has nothing to do with motorcycle.

At that time and up-to now philosophy and A-factor are oxymoron's.As I have discussed in my previous post that I was bitten by the reading bug my brain in some part of memory register has stored the name of this cult book and as dots were being connected in one facet I ordered it from!!

I have read 4 chapters of the book and I must admit that I have broken my virginity with Philosophy.Robert M.PIRSIG author of this great green paperback edition That I have points out uncanny yet surreal facts like this excerpt on p43

"Why does everybod…