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Valentino Rossi :-What if I HAd never Tried it

Yo !! I am back. After short exile I am back and kicking. YAY!!

Ok, cutting the cheese and Coming to point. I ordered this book from Flipkart and to be honest, when it arrived I was kind of disappointed since, I was expecting it be a bit thick flooded with photographs and some hot babes!!. Neither thick nor hot babes hmmmm thats bad and the yellow paper jacket makes the matters even worse.

Ok now that was before I had never tried opening the book. I open it , flipped few pages and things were not that dark or rather yellow, I should say.

First three chapter deals with Rossi thrashing Honda , their culture and bla bla. That was the boring part and it seems quite dull. But after that its just , Yes my favourate word is coming kick Ass :) . Rivalries, courage , concentration, sheer thrill of winning in the last lap, some cool insides into Moto GP, Gigs, sneak peak into F1 are really great. After reading it I came to know that You can move a F1 car by one finger , of-course when it is neutral . Readers might be thinking that I am drunk since, in a book related to MOtoGp what is F1 doing and exactly this is the spot where the surprise comes in. Ok I will not spill the beans further.

Book is nice, what I like about Rossi is the single minded focus and the audacity to win races in tight conditions.

" I am Valentino Rossi. And I want to be a person , not an icon" . Read to know about it. I know I write a bit unconventional . That is how I like it. What if I had never tried it.!!
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