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Maslow's hierarchy of needs vs My hierarchy

For the past few days I often this discuss this term or sperm (courtesy Vicky Donor) with my friends. I often say that my friends like JB, KP  and me lie in the lowest rung of pyramid as we haven’t  hit the tunnel yet and veterans like PJ, JJ are in at the level three and friend RD and SS at level 5. 
Those who must be thinking what Maslow theory all about do a Google and you will find out. Hit images under Google and you will see a triangle with following parameters( bottom to top):
Physiological needsSafety needsLove and belongingEsteemSelf-actualizationMr. Abraham Maslow says that whenever human reaches fulfil a certain level he jumps to next level. I still remember in final year of engineering when my teachers were making sure that we mug this topic she said food, hunger and sex are the basic needs at level 1 and all when everyone heard about sthe word sex the entire class went bersek as boys had boner and may be girls reached their orgasm;) in subconscious mind.
In the circus where…

Easy Company Soldier by SGT. Don Malarkey with Bob Welch

Let me try if I can do justice by writing a review here. My Stomach is filled with chicken and My mind with a hot babe I just watched on television. So I guess to Pen down this post I need to turn on Easy Company mode. 
I like to read about war books not just because of some heroic feats or that I have a deep interest in history but they teach you something about the human psychology which is embedded in each one of us but we seldom realise.  Sebastian Junger describes this phenomenon as the hand Grenade effect and I will come to it later. 
“The legendary battle of a Sergeant from world war II’s Band of Brothers” these words are written on the front jacket of book and describes the 250 page sensational read. One thing that is remarkable about the book is the age of author. He is born in the year 1921 and I thought while reading this was going to be filled with wisdom from the old man. But hell No !! While reading this he takes you to the world where you see the war from his eyes, fee…