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Agassi VS Sampras -Autobiography My Take

It was in the late 2010 that I finished reading Open -written by Andre Agassi and in the mid of 2011 I finished A champion's Mind: Lessons from a life in tennis written by Pete Sampras, both of them a cult figure across the globe and their rivalry is something like coke and Pepsi- the only difference being , earlier not featured as any case study of an MBA curriculum.

What I love about open is that Andre has stripped his mind in hs writing the way he shares his emotions as he is growing , his relation with his coach ,love life, drugs everything is brilliant .While reading it I felt that I am an invisible person sitting in tennis court as match is going on.

Stop thinking start feeling

On the other hand Pete has I think not shred all the inhibitions while writing his book. I was not able to have a look into his mindset although waht he has written is absolute class. HIs growing up, practice sessions ,warrior moments is sheer excellence

You either live by the sword or die by it

I wil…