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5 reasons you should start reading books

I like reading books and use them as pillow when I am asleep though I do it only sometimes , just sometimes. I started reading at a young age of may be 4. My father was posted in Delhi and I had all the comics of Chacha Chodhree, Pinki, Billi . I even remembered them from heart and this was before I joined elementary school. Unlike other children I learned reading Hindi at very fast pace though reading English was not my cup of tea. I often used to study entire Hindi story books prior to starting of new session. Anyways we will discuss this later, and will try to pen down 5 reasons why I read books, though I can write 500 (wink, wink):-

1.Teleports you to a different world: Reading usually teleports you to a different world. In the chaos of our day to day routine it gives your mind peace.  Once you are in the zone, flipping favorite pages of your book, it’s a mental orgasm. New neurons are created in your brain and you feel refreshed. Believe me hangover from bottle VAT 69 is temporary…