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Smiling Super Kid

Ha ha naughty kid

Stay Childish Remain pure

Stay Raw!! Wording Says it all Stay Chilidsh-Stay Pure -Reinvent your core

Stay Youn Stay Raw: Funny Times

I am and childish sometimes and I am damn proud of it. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok this story goes like this. I was working with my Girlfriend, my machine,  my  love 16 Inches LCD of Lenovo (Computer) and I was running my fingers on her lovely body(Keyboard). It was the same old job that I do every day :D but apparently , the other babe i.e the desk on my phone started to scream (ouch!). I picked it up and then the chaos started. It was some Indian with heavy US accent said they want to create website and all; that old shit that we do. He told me to add him on Skype to save money. I added him and as I was talking to him , . The call was meant for my friend Davindera who was on leave that day and the clients Name was Jeetendr (Both of them Rhyme). My colleagues giggled :) sound was bit loud and Indian Gora got upset :D. He said that I was not respecting him and told my Supervisor to call him back and dropped the mail listed below to our team