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Liars Poker:- Liars Review

Whacky Tips To increase your CTC Yes its exactly what you think

CTC if you look at these three words “C”, “T”, “C” at the first glance they look pretty simple straight forward. If west life (the boy band you are right) looked at it they would have said wow this guy is talking about Coast to Coast event after a decade. For astute followers of tea it stands for “Crush, Tea, and Curl” but no I am not talking on these dimensions. Even I just googled the latter definition of CTC just now ;). Coming to point and not shining the bullshit further today’s post of CTC I meant cost to company. I don’t know who has coined this term but whoever did it must be very naughty. HR people I can see the spark in your eyes. Ahh I remebered there was a India Tea commercial also called CTC eEa :)
Simply speaking CTC is your cost to the company/organization where you work. Since first relation between employee and employer is economic relation (Quoted from Direction, Vineet Nayar 2008 I guess) it is this figure that company pays you. If your CTC is 6,000,000 Indian Rupe…