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Liars Poker:- Liars Review

Year was March 2012. It was holi splash splash yeahhhhhhhhh. For my international fan following who doesn't know about this festival Google it and you will get the answer. After a small ceremony in family I was acting as the lazy couch Potato and taking my limits to next level.   Suddenly something kicked in me. I started My 15, 00 CC rubber burning machine Pulsar placed some colour in the luggage box and burned the road trying to be Valentino Rossi. (Just kidding its 150 cc and I like to drive safe, as the name is liar’s poker so I can get bet Naughty J ). To put things straight I had an urge that I must meet my friends on this day, splash them with colours and have a good time. 

Following sequence of some permutation and combination I landed at the one of my English speaking Hindi colleagues. We call him Pattha. I parked my bike in front of his house, flashed  my HTC explorer(Yeah I am bragging about my new phone though I don’t know how to dial a number ) and called him outside. Pattha picked up phone with a tired voice as he has banged 40 chicks in one night and said he doesn’t plaid holi. But being damn sun of a gun I persuaded him to come out of his house. He came, I thought he was really not feeling well (I was in gullible mode) and I just put a टीका (read as teeka) on his forehead making him look like a bandit: P. Now this was a Liars Poker. Pattha was fit as a fiddle and like a big swinging dick made a fool out of me ( hee hee). 

Yeahhhh!! I am back. I can feel the surge. Coming to book Liars Poker is written by Michael Lewis( Money Ball Guy). Graduated from London school of economics he landed up in a bhasad (refer to my previous blogs) investment bank Solomon’s Brother. Just like us he didn’t have any idea what to do and I loved the way he has explained it with some super hilarious anecdotes. Book was published in 1989. I liked the way he represented how his class behaved in while they were being trained by big muscles of their company to understand financial mumbo Jumbo. One thing that I observed was that in their training sessions students gave a serious blow on the balls of Trainers example of assertiveness I say which I miss in the Indian education system. See calling spade a spade is not an offense. I was reading this so I thought I could do some justice with my weak MBA grades of finance but thought after reading the line that stop being intellectual and do trading, guerrilla warfare and Jungle Law taxonomy I thought my C grades were not so bad. This book offers the readers a rich insight into trading floor, some concepts of finance which are often overlooked in text books and the best “Human Piranha”. You can increase your fake intelligence by leap and bounds by reading this: P. But at the core it hits you and you wonder wow that is some cool chaos .How hidden beyond huge degrees and complex calculations cheat sheets are being written. 

Now coming back to Holi after my visit to Pattha, I along with my friend AS went to meet MS. After placing colour and doing some chit chat MS explained to us all the concept of real estate trading which is an exact replica of Liars poker. How people build empires without penny n their pockets and depending on connection, how the market has been expanded like a balloon which is inflated to the max and cab blow any time and I wonder how we are really living in a world where at every nook and corner you will meet a liar’s poker world champion. Liar’s poker interesting name I must admit. 
Read this to know more. Though I was bowled over by some concepts I enjoyed reading it. My rating 9/10.

“Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know.” :
― Michael Lewis, Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street

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