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My cycling Timeline (From Birth – Till date)

 Wrote this for Decathlon contest however it didn't getting shortlisted. So I thought I should spread the awesomeness on my blog. 

My parents bought me cycle at a young age of  5. For long duration it was just used as an additional

showpiece in our garage engulfed with dust.  Art of balancing of balancing two wheels was a herculean

task for me. I felt jealous when I saw other kids enjoying their ride and I wasn’t one of them. Finally I

learned the act when I was around 8 years it was center of all my activities. I used to bring my cousins

from their schools, bring some sweets from market in sector 19, Chandigarh or purchase some crackers

from the nearby shop. It was my very own set of 2 wheels and I rode like a boss!

I used to go to school which was in sector 29 around 3 km from my house and it took us around 20

minutes to reach there. Be it the crazy heat of June or maddening winters of December I always enjoyed

the journey.  When I was 10 , I had a major accident with a b…