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Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit :- Jeet Kune Do

He Haw Kick Bam Spat Chapat Thak Thak Pataaak!! If you are thinking what has happened to me this is the sound of my brain (naughty brain :P) making imaginary noises when it thinks that it can fight like Bruce Lee. 
Bruce Lee I remembered this name. When I was growing up and used to play video games on 8 bit console there was a video game called Kung-Fu. The first word which came to my mind was Bruce Lee. Somebody told me that he was killed as some psycho dude stabbed him. Now I grew up there were messages like Bruce Lee Chuce Lee naaaa upto this time to be candid I did’t showed up interest in his life.  Something happened after it. Facebook came into my Life and two of my friends Lali and Shivi Baby (will provide their twitter handles later in the post) posted some pics of the fittest men on earth on their profile with the words “Don’t Think ....Feel!”. I remember at that time I was reading open by Andre Agassi and he has written “Stop Thinking Start Feeling”.  Time moved on .One day m…

MIck MiCk MiCk Foley Have a Nice Day Bang Bang Bng

Mick Foley hmmmmm I remember this name. Raw is War( Attitude Era). It was around year 1999. I was a super intelligent kid who didn’t have a cable connection. Being a super intelligent kid that I am I used Kundee Connection. (This is a highly sophisticated form of television reception. You take an aluminium wire, make a cut in your neighbour’s cable wire, and Join it with your TV antenna wire and wola!! You are done. Now you can watch cable connection free of cost at the expense of the price your neighbour pays J:) )
There was a person in red T-Shirt with broken tooth and weird expression who when came to the ring sets the crowd on fire with a thunderous welcome. Bang Bang Bang!! He used to wrap a sock around his hand, put it in the opponents mouth (yukkkkk) and choked him till the opponents tap out. Pretty weird dude. I sometime think why the other wrestler just won’t bite his fingers off and kicks his Jabroni Ass( I am a big “The Rock” Fan).
I had questions but not answers. One day …