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MIck MiCk MiCk Foley Have a Nice Day Bang Bang Bng

Mick Foley hmmmmm I remember this name. Raw is War( Attitude Era). It was around year 1999. I was a super intelligent kid who didn’t have a cable connection. Being a super intelligent kid that I am I used Kundee Connection. (This is a highly sophisticated form of television reception. You take an aluminium wire, make a cut in your neighbour’s cable wire, and Join it with your TV antenna wire and wola!! You are done. Now you can watch cable connection free of cost at the expense of the price your neighbour pays J:) )

There was a person in red T-Shirt with broken tooth and weird expression who when came to the ring sets the crowd on fire with a thunderous welcome. Bang Bang Bang!! He used to wrap a sock around his hand, put it in the opponents mouth (yukkkkk) and choked him till the opponents tap out. Pretty weird dude. I sometime think why the other wrestler just won’t bite his fingers off and kicks his Jabroni Ass( I am a big “The Rock” Fan).
I had questions but not answers. One day when I was sitting in the cyber cafe( My workplace :P) while scrolling list of books I found out HAVE A NICE DAY. A TALE OF BLOOD AND SWEATSOCKS. Being a self acclaimed, e-commerce low price book hunter I ordered this from Infibeam. When the book arrived and I tore apart the packing from my ferocious razor sharp tooth ( I was in dog mode) I was bit shocked to see the cover as it was not one of the most beautiful cover pages but rather a ugly mask as the front cover. Mick Foley looks like Abyss of TNA. My parents thought that their son is getting out of control and ordering books of some जादू टोना ( black magic).  I thought the book would have some similarity to Hulks Hogan Autobiography (refer to my previous blog) but I was wrong. Mick Foley is indeed a very naughty child. Very pure and raw righting style and you don’t have to run a 128 bit quad core processor to understand the meat. Very nicely are mentioned the facts of the entertainment business, the ins and outs of the wrestling business, demanding nature of the profession, injuries , broken bodies, broken hearts and not to mention Penis Suplex :D.
He has written most of the portions of his life and sometimes I felt that he shares the same set of emotion, same set of pain, same set of excitement and not to forget same level( set was getting boring) of excitement when a pretty girl is around and feel of getting a boner. This book is a thick kid with around 700 pages and is one of the chubbiest books I have read after Shanatram.
I came to know that Undertaker is not a real dead man J and may intresting facts about  Austin like he was not bald from birth and Rock( he was a booed initially). Foley also feels that Peoples Elbow is the silliest move he has ever seen in the ring but I say Hell No. Headlocks are the worst. In the end the content gets very exciting as you go through the epic match description of Undertaker VS MICK Foley Hell in a cell match.
Blood, Sweat, Broken Body Parts and missing ear(See the back cover), Japanese wrestling, King of Death Match are the few ingredients this book has to make it a complete entertainer though I somehow got bored in middle. Book is hilarious in between and many ROFL moments are there.
Cactus Jack/Mick Foley/ Dude Love is an great showman. I think that I haven’t covered the scope of the entire work correctly (softwares) are getting on my head grrrrrrrr) but it counts for an amazing read. One thing is for sure once you read it your way of seeing wrestling will change forever. Have a Nice Day. 

My Rating 8/10. Again not to forget this post is dedicated to SuperStar, RockStar, Biggest Rock Fan ever Lion from Ludhiana AJ (

I wish after reading this post some one from wwe gives me a ticket  to next wrestle-mania so I can go and watch the live action 

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