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Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit :- Jeet Kune Do

He Haw Kick Bam Spat Chapat Thak Thak Pataaak!! If you are thinking what has happened to me this is the sound of my brain (naughty brain :P) making imaginary noises when it thinks that it can fight like Bruce Lee. 

Bruce Lee I remembered this name. When I was growing up and used to play video games on 8 bit console there was a video game called Kung-Fu. The first word which came to my mind was Bruce Lee. Somebody told me that he was killed as some psycho dude stabbed him. Now I grew up there were messages like Bruce Lee Chuce Lee naaaa upto this time to be candid I did’t showed up interest in his life.  Something happened after it. Facebook came into my Life and two of my friends Lali and Shivi Baby (will provide their twitter handles later in the post) posted some pics of the fittest men on earth on their profile with the words “Don’t Think ....Feel!”. I remember at that time I was reading open by Andre Agassi and he has written “Stop Thinking Start Feeling”.  Time moved on .One day my eyes landed on Bruce Lee fighting spirit, I bought it from landmark at the rate of INR 139. After that the word “Jeet Kunde Do” landed in front of my eyes and something changed. I was excited to get my hands on this beauty. It arrived. 

First thing that strikes me is the electrifying font on yellow paper . It starts with a young bruce Lee a Swift and Suave dancer Yay!! His journey to America , his love life and the ONE INCH PUNCH!! BAM.

At this stage it gets very interesting. “ The real purpose of the inch punch was to show that there is a far more powerfull way of striking someone than simply using arm and shoulder muscles. The more relaxed you  are , the more energy can flow through the body; using muscular tensions to try to do the punch, or attempting to use brute force to knock someone over, only has the opposite effect.” . Next day I changed my  Skype Status to “The One Inch Punch”. 

What amazes you is the control Bruce had over his body. After that you are mesmerized by “Yin and Yang”, Yin Man and one hell of the struggle this man made. At one point Bruce is like trough of a sine wave with amplitude -1 and just like a phoenix risen from ashes , after one year his life takes a hairpin band and he is the biggest star that US industry was about to see. The mental toughness, kick ass physical regime , the control of his nerves Bombshell Bruce definitely took the human body to his limits and beyond. But soon I was sad as when the Lee was about to hit the bulls eye “Enter the Dragon” he was no more. Author has done a great research on various parameters and controversies when the guy left for the other world but I was stunned as Lee targeted his entire life for a SMASH HIT movie and this Asian Marvel was not there to see the historic Feet. Enter the Dragon as usual was a smash hit. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

This classic biography is written by Bruce Thomas and definitely deserves a space in your reading shelf. There are so many things I haven’t touched on but I have realized “The oneness of life is truth that can be realized”.  Jeet Kune Do , which is limitless in possibilities adn interestingly it talks about Muhammed Ali who is next on my reading list.

This post is dedicated to my three friends:

·         Lali Don!/lalitnagrath
·         Shivi Baby!/ShivinderToor
·         Rohit :!/rohitdogra

My Rating 10/10. 
 Jeet Kune DO
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