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Famous Quotes by me:-

Words of Wisdom by me. Will keep this space updated.

1. A man must take onus for his friends,women, fart and decisions. Be proud of your choice!! It represents who your are.
2. Stay young Stay Raw.
3. Real in school, raw in college, rundee in jobs: human life cycle
4. If you like a girl go and  tell her. Don't miss the chance. If you don't ,you will say

Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms: My take

I was walking on Sukhna lake, Chandigarhone day with my friends RD and AS .As we were talking about life, love and chicks as usual. Suddenly the intellectual monk in RD came alive and he enlightened us with a person called Sir. Ken Robinson and one off his top ten speeches of TED where he says that current education system is focused on industrial revolution and is junk. This statement made a impact in my mind. I came home, got involved in the mundane stuff. One day my subconscious mind told me to watch the TED Video. I goggled it, I saw it and decided that it should be on my blog. So here it is. From the very moment video starts it will grab your attention. A plain white canvas with screeching sound of pen and wonderful imagination. I loved the moment when he says that the education system divides people broadly into 2 category successful and unsuccessful the latter being fellows who are not good in academics and they think forever in their life that if I had studied well in my schoo…