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WWE Summerslam 2012 Music Video

funny video


funny video :)

The Other Wes Moore:One name and two fates Do you have the answer??

“When it is time for you to leave this school, leave your job, or even leave this earth, you make sure you have worked hard to make sure it mattered you were even here.” 
I was thinking deep when I finished reading this book. I tried to answer the question but I couldn’t figure out the right answer. I wonder whether there is a right answer or not. 
A month back I was strolling in my workplace. I took it as excuse as I was tired by sitting and wanted to take doses of vitamin she. So as a predator I hunted in the wild jungle and my eyes socket were looking for a pretty prey who can  recharge my eye balls who were tired by looking at the dull computer screen for long time. During this strategic planning I met another hunter, Kunal Pundir and I stated doing some chit-shit chat with him. He told me there is a book called The other Wes Moore: One name and two fates and gave me a brief introduction about it. I watched the rating on Amazon and I thought lets go for it. The other reas…

Priceless Dilbert Principle: Change, budgeting, ISO 9000 and other Fads

I first posted about Dilbert around 1.5 year back @ on my blog.  Time flied like a Phantom Fart ,no one knew where it came from but left a smell which fades away slowly. I wrote it  back in college where I pulled out the innocent looking book from library shelve with title The Joy of Work: Dilbert’s Guide to Finding Happiness at the Expense of Your Co-Workers and now I am trying to write about my thoughts on his other book  The Dilbert Principle. Wait before going further let me try to explain why I respect Dilbert. I have quoted 2 snippets from the book below:-
Somewhere between the hallucinations of senior management and the cold reality of the market lies something called a business plan. There are two major steps to building a business plan:-
Gather InformationIgnore ItTotal work equation
Real Work+ Appearance of Work=Total Work
The simplicity in which Scott Adams, author of Dilbert stitches stupidities of workplace which is totally oppos…