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Khaleesi teaches Management, Game of thrones:-

I must confess that I recently started watching game of thrones, and was blown away by it. As my friend “ American Obama ” puts it “Game of Thrones is competing in league of its own”.   During  five seasons I was impressed by one character Daenerys Targaryen popularly known as “Khaleesi”. Having studied management I was curious on sharing my thoughts on “What Khaleesi teaches us about Management” Personal Branding Khaleesi also known as dragon mother is known across 7 kingdoms for owning Dragons. Dragons are the most powerful weapons in the entire series though no one has seen them in action for long time.Dragons are her core competency, no one else owns them.  Khaleesi positions herself as a compassionate yet stern leader who does not entertain cock and bull story.   She brings and end to slavery in Slaver's Bay commands, respect command of Dothrak and leads the dragon too. The way Khaleesi emerges from a timid girl who is married to “Khal Drago” to the fam

Baby !!

  It's a lovely feeling to hold your child in your arms ,especially as first time parents. We were blessed with a baby girl on 8-August -2021 in Chandigarh, India.  9 Months waiting period :) for baby  was a journey filled with emotions, happiness, dealing with changes and of-course planning lot of things for mother, baby and everyone in family. There were usual couple fights , loving moments , chaos of confusion during this period. Going to the hospital for the first time to get check up done for your wife could be a crazy experience for the couple. You can see couples coming within their first 3/6/9 months of pregnancy and I think everyone co-relates with another.  There are lot of smiling faces around with a hint of turmoil in the air. As parents you try to follow all the correct procedures so that everything happens as per plan but I think babies don't believe in following any protocols while in the womb or once they are outside of it.  With abundance of information on inte

Shantaram book review

Sadhguru: More than a life

Sadhguru: More Than A Life by Arundhathi Subramaniam My rating: 3 of 5 stars Lately there have been a lot of chaos around "gurus" in India. I picked up the book after reading Autobiography of a yogi and Apprenticed to a Himalyan master. I expected this to fall under the same standard but somehow something was missing when compared to my earlier reads. Sometimes the book seemed to me like a PR statement for "Isha Foundation". There are a lot of good things which have been listed in book but somehow I was unable to connect. I read a lot of controversies about the man being referred in book on internet. There was a time in mid when I didn't want to carry on reading the book but I wanted to listen to the complete point of view of author. May be it's a third person narration becuase of which I couldn't keep up the interest. There are lot of good points which are made in the book and "Sadhguru" is an excellent orator as seen on lots of videos

Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master

Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master by Sri M My rating: 5 of 5 stars I brought this book a year ago and for a year it was in my book-shelf. After reading autobiography of a yogi I thought I would be unable to get my hands on a book like that but I was wrong. Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master resumes from Autobiography of Yogi only in this case we are fortunate that the author SRI M is living among us. Written in a very simple language , it takes reader through a lot of examples which are a treat to read. There are some scenarios which will be difficult to comprehend but again that shows how advanced our science was in the past or more aptly as Shashi Tharoor says India is a past developed nation. I loved every bit of the book and it gives user examples of human body is and there are amazing number of people on planet earth who are unheard of. I was moved by the last chapter where the author goes to Kailash. To sum it up I was glad I read the book and hope one day I also meet

Amazon Fire Stick Tv: Review

I was excited when Fire Stick TV was launched in India and always wanted to get one. So after contemplating between chrome-cast and Fire Stick I zeroed in on Latter. Now after a month it’s regularly used by my family members and at last I can see TV without lot of unwanted advertisement.  Amazon bundles it in a pretty compact box with a dongle, remote control , USB charger ,HDMI extender and AAA amazon branded batteries. Product feels sturdy in hand and doesn’t feels flimsy. Plugging the Dongle to HDMI port of TV is a breeze . Except my Sony LED is a ugly designed TV with HDMI part right behind the center so I cant blame amazon for it. Setting up dongle is very easy and it connects with your Wi-Fi very easily. Once it boots your eyes lit up as you see attractive design of Amazon on your tv.   Bang for buck Things I liked about Fire Stick :-   Easy to use. Remote is intuitive and anyone can browse through catalogue of media content available . My mother who is

Fearless: The Heroic Story of One Navy SEAL's Sacrifice in the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the Unwavering Devotion of the Woman Who Loved Him

“there are moments when you crave to read something phenomenal and at that time God handles you a book like this one. a great read. I was amazed at seeing how tough and we'll balanced Adam was. looking at kind of work these guys have done for the man kind I often think we are very low in value chain. it also motivates us to stay focused as we still have to achieve greatness and only way to achieve is to keep fighting for your dreams. Adam story tells us it's ok to fall but not ok to lay low. stand and fight ,be humble ,stay grounded and have a focus for excellence. one day world will be yours.” I wrote above as my review on GoodReads after I completed this book a few days back. I recommended the same to a close friend of mine as well. I gave him the teaser about the book and told him that I haven’t done justice and you need to read it to feel it. Now I will try to elaborate more about my thoughts on the same. Adam Brown caught my attention from one of questions I re