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Amazon Fire Stick Tv: Review

I was excited when Fire Stick TV was launched in India and always wanted to get one. So after contemplating between chrome-cast and Fire Stick I zeroed in on Latter. Now after a month it’s regularly used by my family members and at last I can see TV without lot of unwanted advertisement. 

Amazon bundles it in a pretty compact box with a dongle, remote control , USB charger ,HDMI extender and AAA amazon branded batteries. Product feels sturdy in hand and doesn’t feels flimsy. Plugging the Dongle to HDMI port of TV is a breeze . Except my Sony LED is a ugly designed TV with HDMI part right behind the center so I cant blame amazon for it. Setting up dongle is very easy and it connects with your Wi-Fi very easily. Once it boots your eyes lit up as you see attractive design of Amazon on your tv.  

Bang for buck

Things I liked about Fire Stick:-

  •  Easy to use. Remote is intuitive and anyone can browse through catalogue of media content available . My mother who is more than 60 years old easily sees full Punjabi comedy movies on the YouTube app.
  •   Plethora of content. Amazon Prime video has a mammoth collection .Along with that you get Voot/HotStar and Youtube etc.Once you get hooked to this magical piece you won’t like viewing your OLD DTH box again.
  • Picture quality is great and 100 times better than HD content served on my Videocon d2h. Youtube, amazon prime works like a charm on my Connect Broadband with Bandwidth of 4Mbps. They have optimized device to work on low bandwidth. With emerging 4g connectivity at economical prices data should not be a issue.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity is magical. I connect it with my JBL wireless speaker and you can say bye bye to ugly sound of LED TV speakers.
  • Amazon Prime at 500 INR per year is not bad to see the never ending content.
  • It has a collection of fantastic screen-savers as well so your TV ends up doubling as a digital painting.

Things which can be improved.

  • In USA it’s available at nearly INR 2500 where as in India you have to shell out INR 3,999. 500 Rs cashback works as ointment.  
  • They can improve the quality of voice based search   and apps like Voot /Youtube /HotStar can be improved. It’s more of a software improvement though.
  • Miracast will not work on Google Proprietary devices like MotoG/Nexus. I own them both. However if you have other brands like Xioami/Samsung it will work on them. In that regard it  is a chrome-cast killer.  

So if you are going to get one for yourself , just do it and it will be a good investment to convert your NON Smart TV to smart TV!

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