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Khaleesi teaches Management, Game of thrones:-

I must confess that I recently started watching game of thrones, and was blown away by it. As my friend “American Obama” puts it “Game of Thrones is competing in league of its own”.  During  five seasons I was impressed by one character Daenerys Targaryen popularly known as “Khaleesi”. Having studied management I was curious on sharing my thoughts on “What Khaleesi teaches us about Management”

Personal Branding

Khaleesi also known as dragon mother is known across 7 kingdoms for owning Dragons. Dragons are the most powerful weapons in the entire series though no one has seen them in action for long time.Dragons are her core competency, no one else owns them.  Khaleesi positions herself as a compassionate yet stern leader who does not entertain cock and bull story.  She brings and end to slavery in Slaver's Bay commands, respect command of Dothrak and leads the dragon too. The way Khaleesi emerges from a timid girl who is married to “Khal Drago” to the famous dialogue “I will take mine what is with fire and blood” shows how “personal branding” goes a long way in your life”

Be the hardest worker in the room

The very first time I saw Khaleesi with his brother in starting episodes I thought she was a pretty face and I was wrong all the way.  Once she married “khal drogo” she learned the art of love making from her worker and kept his husband happy ;).  She learned Dothraki language to be accepted as part of the crew.  In-fact she eats a stallion heart for well being of her family. 

Know what you want
No one has implemented Segmentation, Targeting and positioning better than Khaleesi. She segmented a team of followers who will watch her back in all situations including Ser Jorah, Dragons and Army of sullies to name a few. Her target audience was always and always the “Iron Throne” and her positioning is always on point as Dragon mother is polite yet a force to reckon with. You can't ignore her!

Don’t give up
There are lots of moment where actions taken by Dragon mother haven’t gone the way they were meant to be however she never gave up and never seems to complain. “Khal Drogo” going in vegetative state due to blood magic going wrong, attack of mysterious mob during fighting pits, whatever happens Khaleesi doesn’t give up. This is what I like about her the most; she is pretty and is mentally tough which is often one of the most important lessons management teaches you which is overlooked frequently. 

Image is everything: Femme fatale
This famous promo by Canon and was used to thrash out celebrities in past. But it still holds relevance. Khaleesi commands a aura which helped her to go from Rags to riches. At the starting of series she was part of small entourage but as we finished the fifth season she is a force to reckon it. She dresses to kill and is not hesitant of killing. There are moments when she is wet behind ears but she listens to her allies and take right decisions.

Now at the end of season 5 I am waiting what will happen next. Got more points  please share them in comments section below!

And remember Winter is Coming! 

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