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Cycle Wala Roadie :

Bakchodi CV

BAkchodi CV:

One of the worst things I about corporate rut is called a CV. Bhecnho people trust a piece of paper more than you. We right all terms like innovative, instrumental, dynamic, agressive and all kind of Crap. Which mkaes it look like a biggest piece of fiction. Then there are HR experts who fight on difference between resume and CV. Ladies and gentleman, I present you the new list bakchod CV which is a true reflection of who you are. To create a backhod CV you need to write down the truth about yourself on the paper bina darey. For example I will write about PJ. So here is how it looks:-

Name: PJ a.k.a Ricky behel

Date of Birth: Sweet 16.

Address:-operations- Dhakoli, Zirakpur. Production Tohanna, Hariyana. Sales
Office:- Noida, Norway, Ccalifornia, Japan, Bhenchod world is not enough. I have a plot on Mars also.

Phone Number:- +91-696696969

Objective:- Har ek haseena ke, bank account me…