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BaseCamp : How I see you

I was inducted into the base camp hall of fame when I joined my new circus around year back. 
Prior to it I thought that only Outlook was evil but what a fool I was. (“Ignorance is Bliss” recently learned this phrase from my colleague). 

At first I thought that it is some sort of camp with some bon fire, guitar, hot babes and beer. My expectations nose dived once I was told to open a specific URL (Cant’ name it or my employer will fire not to forget I will hit back with a fire extinguisher). It had green colour I thought it was some kind of grass, soothing effect but once I opened it my life took a turn a hairpin bend to make it precise. I was told it was used to do some sort of collaboration, in marketing classes collaboration is a cult. They join fingers of both hand a bit above their face and say collaborate but I think at place of collaboration it is used to exasperate all of its users. Sob Sob. 

I learned to operate it I thought like a girlfriend relation will get better but somehow it got bitter (observe the rhyme). Dates, Deadlines, Thread, To-Do, Re-Do, Guddu Shuddu I don’t know what messages it conveys. In day to day basis a great implication of Multitenant Architecture, of brilliant Scalability but somehow how we use it in the current circus, I don’t like it. Its major use it to give a dick in other persons ass.
Some bastards also like to play mind games on it and think others are fool but the reality is other persons are equally smart. Somewhere beside all this anger/frustration I feel that this communication, collaboration takes away the human touch. People like to talk on these idiots thread when the recipient is sitting two steps away from you. That is insane.

Some guys I know are so obsessed with this that I guess they should use it as a tool for taking with their wife/kids. 

Advancement in communication somewhere makes the human relations. By the way for the term Multitenancy I don’t have a clue who your are. Just heard someone saying it once so used it here. Want to right more but don’t feel like doing now. 

37 Signals you are doing a great work but please do not distribute it to psychos.

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