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5 reasons you should start reading books

I like reading books and use them as pillow when I am asleep though I do it only sometimes , just sometimes. I started reading at a young age of may be 4. My father was posted in Delhi and I had all the comics of Chacha Chodhree, Pinki, Billi . I even remembered them from heart and this was before I joined elementary school. Unlike other children I learned reading Hindi at very fast pace though reading English was not my cup of tea. I often used to study entire Hindi story books prior to starting of new session. Anyways we will discuss this later, and will try to pen down 5 reasons why I read books, though I can write 500 (wink, wink):-

1.Teleports you to a different world: Reading usually teleports you to a different world. In the chaos of our day to day routine it gives your mind peace.  Once you are in the zone, flipping favorite pages of your book, it’s a mental orgasm. New neurons are created in your brain and you feel refreshed. Believe me hangover from bottle VAT 69 is temporary but when you read  books like Fountainhead, Shantaram , Unbroken etc. you will be in a different dimension for days when you finish the book.

2. Start having faith: Lots of time the tide is against you. Your parents, family , friends everyone you know might think that you are a green-horn. These things usually happen when you are about to make an important decision in your life, it could be quitting your job to start your own venture, marrying a girl your natives doesn’t like, kicking boss in the butt, going for the tattoo you imagined or could be any damn thing in the world.  You will always find a crazier version of yourself in the books. The rush of madness when used with right energy has always done wonders with the man-kind and those are the things that define who you are. You will get a support which you never knew existed and you start gaining faith. Again read Fountainhead, Shantaram, Lone Survivor, Boys in The boat , Steve Jobs and you will find all that it all connects in the ends.

3.  Lot of Naughty Content: Yes, admit it. You must have smiled million times when you go through the naughty content in the book. It’s most sizzling than anything you will see on internet and will make you smile from ear to ear. Best part is your parents will never caught you and you never have to shut-down your laptop abruptly. I hope you know what I mean ;). 

4. You become a better orator and writer: A well-read person is a great orator and excellent when it comes to pen –down the thoughts. You learn the art of telling stories in such a way that audience is captivated. Your mind will be filled with so many amazing facts which other people never imagined could even existed. You command an audience like no other and will always have bundle of things which you would love to share with other people. Of-course there will be exceptions and you can also learn the art of boring someone to death if you like. But admit it  a that’s an exception. I have mastered it.  

5.  Most Important 5th point: Out of all the most important 5th point is that I can’t think of a 5th point as of now.  Only thing I can say is this is one of the habits I think I should have picked up earlier. Usually there is a school of thought which says that people who are alone read books shut I don’t agree as I haven’t been to any school. 

So would request everyone who has earned the courage to read this post till here. Start reading and stay raw!!

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