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Easy Company Soldier by SGT. Don Malarkey with Bob Welch

Let me try if I can do justice by writing a review here. My Stomach is filled with chicken and My mind with a hot babe I just watched on television. So I guess to Pen down this post I need to turn on Easy Company mode. 

I like to read about war books not just because of some heroic feats or that I have a deep interest in history but they teach you something about the human psychology which is embedded in each one of us but we seldom realise.  Sebastian Junger describes this phenomenon as the hand Grenade effect and I will come to it later. 

“The legendary battle of a Sergeant from world war II’s Band of Brothers” these words are written on the front jacket of book and describes the 250 page sensational read. One thing that is remarkable about the book is the age of author. He is born in the year 1921 and I thought while reading this was going to be filled with wisdom from the old man. But hell No !! While reading this he takes you to the world where you see the war from his eyes, feels his pain, laugh with his wits and understand the Esprit de corps which is the prelude for hand Grenade effect. I was amazed as in the war author has described that art of playing office office was present as early as 1940 which when connected with organization behaviour comes out to be the concept of line and staff management.

Book is as gripping as you are holding hands of Megan Fox and making love with Elisha Cuthbert and Kelly Kelly :D .  Author tells you about his bringing up, his training day, fun with friends and the abyss “War”. I was reading it reminded me of famous books War”, “With the old breed” and "warrior soul". All of them describes the brotherhood the human touch that is formed between humans living under hell but they beating its butt and go beyond limit of human reach and do something amazing whose journey is always etched in history of Mankind.  

Salute to Esprit de Corpes. Salute to all the mothers who gave this birth to brave men and Salute to all the toughest S.O.B’s who raise hell wherever they go.

Those who are thinking what a hand grenade effect is read this.  Junger set out to answer what he thought of as the 'hand grenade question': why would a man throw himself on a hand grenade to save other men he has probably known for only a few months? The answer elusive but profound, and goes to the heart of what it means not just to be a soldier, but to be human.
Read for more details:-

I know you must be thinking that meat in this post is quite vague then remember what I said at top I am in Easy Company mode. 

We stand Alone!! Together.
My rating 10/10

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