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Maslow's hierarchy of needs vs My hierarchy

For the past few days I often this discuss this term or sperm (courtesy Vicky Donor) with my friends. I often say that my friends like JB, KP  and me lie in the lowest rung of pyramid as we haven’t  hit the tunnel yet and veterans like PJ, JJ are in at the level three and friend RD and SS at level 5. 

Those who must be thinking what Maslow theory all about do a Google and you will find out. Hit images under Google and you will see a triangle with following parameters( bottom to top):

  •  Physiological needs
  • Safety needs
  • Love and belonging
  •  Esteem
  • Self-actualization
Mr. Abraham Maslow says that whenever human reaches fulfil a certain level he jumps to next level. I still remember in final year of engineering when my teachers were making sure that we mug this topic she said food, hunger and sex are the basic needs at level 1 and all when everyone heard about sthe word sex the entire class went bersek as boys had boner and may be girls reached their orgasm;) in subconscious mind.

In the circus where I work as a dog with other dogs controlled by ring master, I often wonder where is the triangle?  On introspection I came to know activities that we perform like making sure workplace is a cybercafé by playing tennis, chatting, e-shopping , making strange noises when we see a pretty chick , playing office office  , doing useless paper pushing, reading and watching about great personalities as well as hot babes, our daily actions form various stage of Maslow needs.

I look at various cats and wolves working on system with a dead soul I realize they are at level 1, I watch a iPhone chick playing with her hair I know that I am at level 1.Realising the fact that we can perform more stunts that current jamboree can’t give us transcends to level 4 and 5. When salary is credited and we order pizza it’s at level2. 

Behind all these levels, all the rat race I am sure that most of us become very comfortable when we reach level3. Jumping at level 4 and 5 makes us leave the comfort zone and that is why I see saw many people around me with extraordinary capabilities and sperm of Aryans :D race (Again Vicky donor I love the chick blush blush) doing stupid work.  

Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khaan etc. are few of the epic dudes whom I see at level 5.
Bhagavad- Gita also mentions the about  Maslow theory and so does Maark Twain when he says “The Two Most Important Days In Your Life Are The Day You Are Born, And The Day You Find Out Why. “ .
I also want to transcend to level 5. My heart says yes and my sperms say yeahhhhhh!! Yes you will. Let’s see what happens next .

What’s your story . Do you want to go to Level 5. Let me know thought and what your sperm says.

This post is dedicated to:-
And not to mention hot chick Yami Gautam :!/yamigautam11

Stay Young Stay raw!!

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