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Zen and the art of MotorCycle maintenenace-Full Throttle

So I have read one of the bestsellers of all time-cult-Zen and the art of Motor Cycle maintenance.
Quality!Virtue!Dharma.A subtle read. I think as I grow up I have to read it once again to absorb some more virtues from it.I am still not clear about author thoughts on quality but I liked when he says Gumption is the gasoline that keeps it ticking and at the time of writing this article I am totally running out of it.

I loved his thought about the education and my belief is also re-affirmed that I am not the only one who is short fuse present who don;t like the boring methodologies of teaching.Author has tremendous insight about physics/philosophy and of course not to forget motorcycle.He is also witty at times.

Phaedrus is a cool character and reveals a dark streak that I also possess.

Brilliantly written ,my first exposure to the world of Philosophy and I guess I will do it in future

Thought provoking and its content has a stark resemblance to Madbhagwat Geeta:-I guess Quality!!Virtue!!Dharma!!-work dispassionately have a very fine cleavage or no sepration at all
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