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Teaser-My Encounter with Zen and the art of MotorCycle Maintenance

Location was Noida,India.It was late in the evening and I was roaming in lobby of my Paying guest accommodation.My veteran adjoining room-stayer Mr.Praveen Bhatt one of the erudite personalities I have encountered in my after college life told me that there is a book called Zen and the art of motor-cycle maintenance which writes something splendid about quality.He also told us that this book has nothing to do with motorcycle.

At that time and up-to now philosophy and A-factor are oxymoron's.As I have discussed in my previous post that I was bitten by the reading bug my brain in some part of memory register has stored the name of this cult book and as dots were being connected in one facet I ordered it from!!

I have read 4 chapters of the book and I must admit that I have broken my virginity with Philosophy.Robert M.PIRSIG author of this great green paperback edition That I have points out uncanny yet surreal facts like this excerpt on p43

"Why does everybody believe in the law of gravity then?"
"Mass hypnosis.In a very orthodox form know as education."
"you mean the teacher is hypnotizing the kids into believing the law of gravity?"
"That's absurd"
"You've heard of the importance of eye contact in the class room?Every educationist emphasizes it.No educationist explains it."

This line instantly hit me with full force and I must say this is true.A flowing writing style ,some great psychological knock-out punches here and there makes it a interesting read. The best part is though Mr.Pirsig has written content that might amuse people some where down the line it holds weight.I think my article has broadened but what about the depth?

Will soon write the review of complete book..

Till now hope all of us can do a sincere inquiry into our values....vroom vroom

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