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Bhasad भसड

Urban Dictionary defines भसड (read Bhasad) as "when people have nothing to do and doing bakchodi simultaneously, the environment is referred to as bhasad" but I will refine the definition of bhasad as when people have nothing to do and they do bakchodi and the outcome is a utter chaos which usually kicks the shit out of innocent doggies in the end.

Now days you can find pinch of भसड or rather Punch of भसड in everything and anything that you see.  Lets start with a very simple example. Small kiddos are troubled by the भसड process of taking admissions into primary school where they are trained to become robots and hard coded to act in a particular fashion hence killing the freshness.Try to cross any round about at 06:00 PM in evening and you an see bhasad of cars stuck up @ baby round about. I wonder what a round about  feels at that time. I even remember Mamura Chowk, Noida ( Google it) @ 6 PM in the evening. Cops using a rope as barricade to control traffic. That is Bhasad combined with Jugad euphemism for Out OF the box which aggravates the matters even much.

Now look at me. I work in a dungeon A.K.A Lala Land as Analysts to be concise Pre-Sales Analyst. I still wonder who was the person who has coined this term since, on ground I don't analyse any thing.I have to talk and write in English, please note in my school I have passed using Nanadlal Dyaram Kunji's(a Cheat Sheet basically which answers all the questions given in text book). I wonder how will goras feel like if they have to talk with us in strict Hindi only. I guess outsourcing will topple. A part of my job tells me that I have to be technically solid so I become Mr. clandestine,

Downside of this chaos is that you loose your authentic style somewhere. Your core is sometimes lost and you have to revive it. Pressure gives you less time to pursuit something excellent. Meeting deadlines is a shit as no one will die if the line is not drawn. On the second thought the name itself doesn't make sense. :P

If you are still reading this post you must be wondering what is this. and if your tiny brain has asked this question you must have got it that this is simple Bhasad. Welcome to the club. 

I know this is not awesome but this is what Bhasad has done to me I will come back till then wait and bang bhasad. 


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