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Shantaram book review

I am back if anyone is reading this post. While doing some Bakchodi a.k.a Mental Mastubation in office my friend rohit told me that there is a book called shantaram which is highly recommended. I thought let’s give it a try.  I am always happy when it comes supplying money in economy and I ordered shantarm from Flipkart. 

Days past, I forgot that i have even ordered the book as I was busy in my clerical job and one day I returned from home in night book was lying on the table packed but my mom had tore apart the parcel in which it arrived to see what’s inside it. I was shocked to see the book as it was around 1000 pages. Pretty fat, I remembered YokoZuna  \m/ 
I flipped pages and as I turned on the saga it was something that I have never read before. I remembered the movie Great escape where prisoners do the Jail-Brake. I remembered “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” for all the philosophy and I liked the girl “Karla who reminded me of my crush in college. Her quotes are breathtaking and touch you in many ways. There was a moment I fell in love with her.  Now comes the main protagonist of the Story Shantaram awesome dude he is.

Once i was reading about his tenure in johpad Patti  I felt that I haven’t seen the India that he has seen and felt. He takes you through a ride of underworld, Arthur road jail, Love, Heart break and Afghan war. Just like a hardy boy novel I kept on turning pages and I finished it in flat 10 days (imaginary figure). In the end of the story, Karla broke my heart but Shantaram won the respect. The entire book is indeed a literary fiction.
To all those who are reading this post, do yourself a favour read the book. Ask me if you need it :)

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