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I'll Do It My Way: The Incredible Journey of Aamir Khan : Its Incredible

Khambe jaisi khadi hai ladaki hai ya chhadi hai
shola hai phooljhadi hai pattakhe ki ladi hai
aankhon mein ghussa hai labon pe gaali hai
dekho jara dekhjo yaaron khudako samajhati hai kya

I loved this song when I was 1 year old (ok make it between 3 to 5 ;) ) and this song was a cult in Antakshri which is a spoken parlor game played in India reference Wikepedia. So this songs manifest that I am a naughty kid from my my inception and this also marked a relation I had with Aamir Khan Films.

While my favourite heroines changed all the way from Aaishwarya  Rai, Pretty Zinta , Katrina Kaif which will soon be replaced by young babes coming in film industry but my favourite hero in Hindi Films was always Aamir Khan. So once I knew that a book is coming then I was very excited with my friend JB. I ordered a copy each for both of us at lowest price from after comparing prices from several websites   ;). JB finished this book prior to me and told me that it is a good read.

Once I got my hands on the book I was impressed by the binding , scent of paper and my sniff check told me that it will be classic. Please note my domain knowledge is very minimal in film industry and I often get confused between roles of director and producer though my friend RD has explained the difference to me many times. I perceived it to be a biography of Aamir Khan but I just checked it on authors blog @ and came to know its a filmography.  Journey stats from Protagonist childhood and gives user a insight into forming years of maverick   dude. I was amazed when I came to know that he can solve a Rubik's cube under  20 seconds, was a state level tennis champion.  Also I like the audacity of Aamir when he said no to his formal education during his formal year of graduation and his stubborn faith and conviction in his own abilities. Also covered are various interviews with Aamirs peer which gives you a great insight into Aamir’s mind. After reading it I came to know challenges faced during making a movie which is pretty much similar to a business plan where planning, logistic, execution and human relations are of paramount imporatnce.  Interesting anecdotes like challenges faced while making Lagaan or knowing that Aamir Khan hasn’t washed his face for 8 days for Gulaam tells audience about his passion.

Though I quite don’t agree that JJWS(JO Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) was not hit movie but the bitter fact is that I also don’t know how profitability of a movie is measured .  A very interesting dimension is added where his peers say that Aamir barges rather interferes too much into the each movie because of perfection but I guess Steve Jobs did the same thing for Apple as he was deeply involved in the work.

After reading this you will have the idea of guts, determination and brilliance that Mr. Perfectionist takes to bring out his magical work to US. I have seen all his movies but I never knew that he has done movie by the names of “Raakh” and  ”Aatank he Aatank”.

Read it to know more about the person who outshined students of IIM in chess while making of three idiots. Great works is done by author to compile all findings  in one master piece. 
I will surely like to see his autobiography one day. 

This post is dedicated to

  •     JB who is not on twitter
  •     RD!/rohitdograthe film sperm who will make one brilliant movie one day with me as the main     villain teasing.banging  hot chicks in the movie
  •     Aamir Khan!/aamir_khan·

My rating 10/10. 

gora gora ye badan bijali se bana
440 volt hain chhuna hai mana) - 2
isase tum takraao na janake jaan gavaayon na - 2 no no no no no no ...
khambe jaisi khadi hai ladaki hai ya chhadi hai
shola hai phooljhadi hai pattakhe ki ladi hai
aankhon mein ghussa hai labon pe gaali hai
dekho jara dekhjo yaaron khudako samajhati hai kya

Please rhyme this song , sing it for your girlfriend she will love it.

For song my rating 100/10

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