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Hmmm I don’t know how to start with. This is my third post on a wrestling book. It started when I got my hands on Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley followed by Bret Hart.  

Pink soldier HITMAN was positioned in my mind with Pink Lowers, black Jacket and amazing sunglasses which I always wanted. I still remember when I used to play trump cards my friend said that HITMAN is a hero and loves kids. At that time jargons of wrestling like baby face and heels were an alien concept to me. To clear things baby face is a hero and Heel is  a villain in analogy to a movie. 

As events turned out one day I stumble upon this book. I tried to get it from many websites but I was not able to get it as most of the times it went out of stock as I was ordering a cheaper version. One day I thought lets go get it, I removed the price constrain form my mind and ordered a slightly expensive version.   It took around a week to get delivered but once I got it in my hand, I was amazed. Paper Jacket is of Pink Colour which reminds me of Boomer Bubble Gum ;). It has around 600 pages and I thought wow, I hope it’s amazing. When I started reading it , I was not disappointed. He takes you to a wonderful journey which is bit sweet, bit sour , had taste of blood, excellence, sex and not to forget wrestling!!. Bam Bam Yeahh!!.

Bret Hart shares your soul with you when he explains memoir of childhood, his father started Stamped Wrestling long in year 1940 in Canada,  his growing up days , catch 22 question” Is wrestling fake”, his married life, Unmarried Life ;) , love for his brother Owen Hart and again not to forget wrestling.

 Ok wait.!  Don’t you think these are common in all books so what is so special here for which Foam Acclaimed “ There are surprising number of books written by professional wrestlers about their peculiar trade ....Hart has written Mother of them all “.  I guess this an unbarred account of his experience where he bashes Vince MCMohan( Owner of wwe) , kicks butt of Shaan Michale and HHH openly, explains killer calendar where wresters die in road accidents due to excessive travel and his love for his family, accident of Owen and the camaraderie between the fellow wrestlers. Also this books is funny as hell. While reading it I realized wrestlers with big physiques at the core are just like us , they have same set of fears , live for occasion of happiness just all of us do.  There is a chapter where he takes you through his experience in India and you have to read it yourself. I felt happy and sad. I will not spoil the beans.

Montreal Screw Job makes you wonder about the corporate greed which I felt recently . This epic tale has memories where you are stunned and while flipping pages there are surreal occasions which made you ponder on various aspects.

For all the wrestling fans/air conditioners/ toasters whoever you are read it and you will enjoy every minute of it. ( I hope so J ).

I think her daughter is hot. See!/hartler . Hitman Don;t give me a sharpshooter after this.

This blog is dedicated to 

  • “AJ the wrestling Guru who can beat Brock Lesnar any time”!/ThE_wAY_Im
  • Parteek Jain our Val Venis, Chick Magnet, Tornado from Texas!/parteekjain

I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!”- Hitman.
My Rating 12/10.
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