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Journey to ShivPuri!!

It was the usual WhatsApp Notification on my state of the art Lumia 730  (bragging). I had a look at it and Gurdeep my brother from another mother, messaged was I interested in going to Shivpuri, Rishikesh, and I said yes! yes! yes!  

Zirakpur Kids  started the journey on 23rd-May-2015 06:00. It was a sunny day. After 90 minutes of Journey , our stomach started producing strange noises and we took our first halt ahead of Kala-Amb. We chomped aloo Parantha layered with Nutrila (which I don't like) along with tea. Somehow I felt that Parantas were made from leftover vegetable of past day but it didn't matter as ADRENLAINE of journey was high. Sun started to rise and journey was just getting started. I was expecting the madness to tap soon and it did.

We entered Utrakhand and to freshen up stopped at a resort.   Our asses were tired. It was a good resort, we used the washrooms to the maximum and sneaked away once we are done. When we left waiter of resort watched us with such a evil look as he has expected us to be cash cows of BCG matrix but we were actually dogs. Going by the road we sipped in a peg of  whisky  empty stomachs and our lights were on. Madness just knocked in. I turned on my epic Sony walkman and I remembered we listened to Tum-Miley Song for more than 5-6 times though I fell asleep.  We did some unbarred chatter. Gurdeep hard work paid off and finally we reached the resort. It was so sunny that we were roasted as KFC grilled chicken.

We took the stairs down towards the river. Those stairs were actually made to extinct human race as our bodies were so much tired that we were unable to carry our own luggage across the stairs. Distance was hardly one kilometre but it felt like a eternity!  We kept our luggage in tents, paid money to tent owner and munched in the breakfast. We were hungry baboons. Once we were refreshed it was time to kill the heat. We jumped in the holy ganges and it was a relief. Water was cool as ice and all our tiredness escaped. Vishwas, gurdeep and I even swam like a dead body wearing safety jackets. Sanjay our super-kid hurt his neck performing Michael Phelps stunt as  he was extremely motivated by Vishwas.  Now we were charged up and we were waiting for evening.  

Soon, I observed People carrying liquor across the shore and I knew that evening will spill out the suspense. As the night approached the entire shore of Holy Ganga looked like a tavern and I understood that river rafting was just a excuse. Alcohol and booze was in the air. I thought we could do the same thing at ghaggar river too. Anyways, we enjoyed the moment, munched in dinner and were totally wasted at the end of night. As we tried to sleep mosquitoes tried to relish our blood but it was more of alcohol at that time and mosquitoes liked liquor mixed with blood.  For them it’s like old monk.

In morning Gurdeep, VIshwas and I opted for river rafting. I was deeply suspicious of the safety standards of the raft. It was also written on my computer generated  horoscope that I will   be a victim of water accident. We went for the raft  the first thing in the morning and that was the time when our fat bellies were of some use. Due to our weight raft stabilised and I was glad that kundelee software was written by engineer of PTU. I remembered the current was so high that gurdeep popped  like a flower at one moment. Vishwas also held the raft and dipped himself in the river and his dolls were freezed. We were worried that they would be amputated but the adrenaline was high and everything went just fine.

We returned, packed our bags and went back to Chandigarh. It was nice. Future had surprise.I am unable to recall my facebook credentials so no photos!


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