Amazon service in India: From a bibliophiles perspective

When Amazon was about to launch in India I was very excited. Earlier I had bought stuff from Flipkart and was waiting for the international e-commerce giant to come to India. Usually I buy books and lot of them. They have extensive catalogue of books and a superb search mechanism. Till this date I have ordered lots of stuff from Amazon, I will share the pro's and cons which I felt.


  1. Great collection of books. You can read reviews of books which are on as well to get a hang of what international audience thinks. 
  2. Nice mobile app and speedy website. 
  3. Brilliant customer support as of now. You tweet them /give them a call they are prompt to reply.Educated customer representatives are there. Once I ordered nexus tablet 2012. I remembered on product detail page they have written head-phones in the box but when tablet arrived it didn't have one. So I called their support staff, they were prompt to reply and refunded INR 800 to me. No strings attached, it was that simple. 
  4. Good Delivery team. I stay in Chandigarh. There staff is cordial and carry machines with which transactions can be done using debit/credit cards.
  5. Competitive Pricing when compared to other book stores. I will say its one of the best if you want to buy books. For other categories they are still coming up.
  6. Some super cool book sale where I go mad and want to purchase everything. #greedisgood 

I can't think of much when it comes to Amazon. Lately I have observed some of the books they send are old as it already has pencil scribbling done on it by some other reader or in some cases I received books which have dusty jackets. It has happened me with only one or two times but I won't call it a pleasant experience.

Overall Amazon is a great place to buy stuff and I hope they bring some cutting edge revolution in India. Oh did I mention I am looking to buy one kindle, any philanthropist reading this please gift me one ;)

Haven't tried it yet try now

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