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My Journey in Ferozepur

As I am about to write this after a long time sitting in the most unexpected places, I look back and smile. I have worked across weasels in Chandigarh ,Noida, Gurgaon & Ludhiana but I never knew I will be given a chance to work in Ferozepur as well.
For the first time readers, Ferozepur is 230 KM away from Chandigarh, where I was born. The city has a history of it’s own and boast places like Hussaini-Wala border, Barki and a key-position for Indian Army and their area is marked as Ferozepur-Cantt. You go 10 KM from here and you can see border of Pakistan on the banks of Satluj. I wish I could export all my evil bosses over there. Within radius of 5 KM you can watch the entire town. Things which I like are:-
Vigour!! Valour !! Victory!! Jai Hind

I wish I could hang all evil bosses to tree behind selfie

Non Congested Roads:-  Traffic density is really low and you dont lose your’ nerve while standing on the red lights. Oh, I forgot to mention standing on lights is optional as in major cities of Punjab.

Vehicle with No Ancestral Roots: While driving sometimes we forgot to take license with us or some papers are not complete, but in Ferozepur there are no number plates on your vehicle and it’s perfectly fine.
Scenic Beauty

Hussaini-Wala Border: This is my favourite part of the town. We have heard of Wagha border numerous number of times but Hussaini-Wala Border visit will fill you with Josh!! Around 10 KM from where I work, the drive is a fantastic as you get to see some of the areas which you never knew existed, railway link which is broken as it goes into Pakistan. Once you reach there it’s a spectacular feat from the BSF Jawans. The best part about the retreat ceremony is that you are hardly 20 M away from the border. I wish this place like Wagha-Border was marketed more so our countrymen could value  more about the sacrifices made by leaders like Shahid Bhagat Singh.

City also houses barki memorial which was constructed in 1969 to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers of the 7 Infantry Division who made the Supreme sacrifice on the battle field in 1965 and paved the way for the fall of Barki a town situated at a distance of 15 miles South East of Lahore. !! (src:
We won't give it back. Captured Tank from Pakistan

Jai Hind

Guavas: The road which connect ML Chowk to Ferozepur city is filled with King Size guavas  vendors. Fruit is delicious and the best part is that you will not find them anywhere throughout the city except this place.  

I always thought cars were meant for transport: Cars, as I was forced to believe fills the purpose of commuting. My faith was shacked in this city as people use it to listen songs and not drive. Cars are loaded with swanky accessories, expensive sound-systems but when it comes to driving, Naaa!! car looks cool while it’s standing still.

People Talk: The best part is that people talk with each other unlike metro’s where you don't even know who is your neighbour. Sometime it also hits on my nerves as the talk becomes gossips and it really annoys you.

Brilliant Road Side Views: Being connected to highways of Abohar, Ganagnagar its a visual orgasm for travellers.
A view from Abohar,GanagaNagar highway

Drugs: I feel really low when I see this. Youth over here is a slave of drugs. People of young age are often caught with bad habit of drugs consumption and they have destroyed themselves.

I wont touch my professional life much over here. Every city has it’s own story and Ferozepur is no different. I have met people whom I never knew, I have seen things which I only imagined. As the saying goes man is the sum of his experiences. Let’s see what happens next. Journey is more important than the destination. Only time will tell.  

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