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All New Kindle Review:

I was itching to buy Kindle for a long time. When I say long it usually means more than 12 months.
When I heard about Kindle for the first time I thought it would be one of those un-needed junk that most of the users buy which later gathers dust. 

To confirm my believes I feasted on brain of my friends who were proud kindle owners and did lot of internet research.Then one fine day out of no-where I had an epiphany that I will go for it soon. 

The very next day I saw a INR 1000  discount on Amazon and purchased the All New Kindle. Once I ordered it I felt like Usain bolt receiving all three gold medals in Rio Olympics. I eagerly started waiting and after days it was delivered. I ordered it in white color and I loved it’s feel in my hand. Of-course I had a very hard time explaining to my parents what this cute white device is all about and it’s not a paper weight. 

Kindle Wallpaper do not consume energy

Size Comparison,please ignore my photography skills

Coming to the reading experience it is brilliant. I know there is an age old debate that kindle will not give you joy of reading a physical book but without experiencing the kindle device the statement is incomplete. It’s very easy to operate and it connects with your amazon account. Transferring books into it is a piece of cake. Now coming to the perennial question of reading experience, it’s fantastic. It’s just like a piece of paper and very comfortable on eyes. Three are no interruptions and inbuilt dictionary is icing on the cake with a battery life that works for weeks on a single charge.  While reading I felt like Michael Phelps winning 5 gold medals in Rio Olympics. The font is adjustable and your eyes doesn’t takes a toll. A lot of thought has gone while creating the device by team of Jeff Bezos. I finished 4 books in 4 weeks and experience was wonderful. Reader can also highlight the content ,its addictive and you don't need to search for pencil to do the scribbling. 

Brilliant text display

Now coming to cons, YES  I miss the feel of good old thick book in my hand. There is less feeling of accomplishment when you are about to finish  a huge book like War and peace as you can’t see the pages left in physical format. I also cannot use my kindle as pillow (this one could be a deal breaker for few . Also if a books has lot of images then the reading experience is not the best.  With that said buying kindle is just like theory of Yin and Yang. The pro’s balance the cons and you have a fantastic product in your hand. 

Book Library and progress indicator

So if you are a serious reader I would urge you to buy one and you won’t regret the decision. It will be like a shining amour in your arsenal.  If you are smart you will soon have books in your tablet 100 times the price of your kindle and that’s a very great investment to enrich your brain.  Now I wish i should have brought it earlier.


You can always buy the one from

For all the thick skulls out there please stop comparing kindle with a iPad/Android tablets. If the same question came to your mind as well, please refrain from buying it.  
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