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A higher Call

It’s often said by folks that reading books is boring. Statement is true as long as you don’t find a book which intersects with your interest or rather your soul. After reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand I was in a dilemma that can I get my hands on a different book that match the gold standard set by Unbroken. Roughly after 18 months I found the answer. 

Adam Makos has done excellent research when he penned down all the facts, figures and esprit de corps for this 400 page masterpiece. It’s story of two fighter pilots born miles away from each other. They never thought they will meet but their destinies collided in the most unusual places. Franz Stigler a ace German fighter pilot saw a lot of up’ and downs and fought for his country. Similarly Charlie Brown a 20 year old boy never expected that what will happen when his plan was shot badly by eight enemy fighters. I will say if it was not been for the Hand of God by Franz , Charlie wouldn’t have survived.. 

Franz followed the simple commandment told to him by his mentor that “You don’t shoot the man, you shoot the machine”. Patience is a virtue and one the war was over, Charlie Brown found his answer after 46 years about what happened on that night. On that day their family member saw life standing in front of them.  

Author has done a great job on his research on the brotherhood shown by men in uniform on both sides. The respect that they show for their counter-parts is brilliant. I never knew so many facts about world war one and how all Germans were not Nazi’s contrary to the popular brief. 

This story is about two ordinary boys who faced what come their way, faced the odds and did what they thing is right. Of-course while doing it they had lots of fun as well. 

In the introduction of his book, Adam Makos asks, “Can good men be found on both sides of a bad war?” And the answer lies in last 10 pages of book.  It’s surreal.

While reading this I often thought that everyone complains that life is tough. While looking at history you will found out that very young people without any resources have faces adversities and have beaten them hands down.  History has crowned them as legends and they still inspire a lot of good men! They broke lot of rules and did the right thing even when it meant taking a flak.

Of-course they never shared it on facebook, twitter and Instagram ;)

I highly recommend this book and wish it gets all the recognition, especially in India where it has only 4 , five star review on when compared to 3727, 5 star rating on 

Read to enlighten!
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