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2015: A look back

I usually don’t ponder over past but 2015 was special. I made some good friends, went to some new places and felt emotions which I never felt before. So I will start with my experience in 2015. 

Joy and Sorrow at the Land of Martyrs !!

I started the year on a high note. I was working for a very prestigious organization at a very senior level. It paid me handsomely, gave me a good social stature and exposed me to a wide array of responsibilities. I had an extremely close view of how judiciary works in India and what it takes to keep the system ticking. I was happy at the growth I was making, the new people I met and exposure I took. Then on one fine day due to unfortunate circumstances I was forced to leave that position very blatantly and I was humiliated. It was not the end of the world though but I was not expecting to be jolted so quickly. It shattered the comfort zone I was slowly surrounding myself with and once again the hustle started. 


Varanasi!!Bliss in city of Lord Shiva

With spare time in my hand I went to Varanasi with my family. After a long time I did a 40 hour journey in train and got time to spend with my family. I saw the ghats of Varanasi and felt the mysterious power associated with   it. In-fact I even wrote a blog around it as well.  

Betrayal and maturity

I was wrongly accused by someone I know for something which I never did. It was the first time someone cussed me publically on social media platform. However lessons like these teach you in life on whom to trust and whom to pluck out of your life. It’s good to surround yourself with people who believe in you and I was glad that I had with me a wolf-pack. I then distanced myself from the false accuser. Sometimes my theory of not giving a damn about what people think always stands true since the world is not as straight as it seems. In-fact I  learned the lesson and I am sure it will help me through rest of my life.  

Corporate Murder

Again after lots of effort I landed up in a job which I thought was good but as it was destined I was shown the door out. This time I was again upset and filled with anger.  Now when I look back I think whatever happens, happens for a reason.  I got a chance to visit Jaipur , see “Amer fort” and observe some new things. I have slowly realized that on deathbed we won’t remember the CV we have created but will surround ourselves with memories/moments we have created in our lifetime.  I learned the Hard way that don’t join bull-dust organizations. Don’t be demoralized by what any tom dick and harry says to you. Too believe in yourself is the key even if you think there are no matching locks left.

Marriages of close acquaintances

Some people who are very close to me were hitched and I am very happy for them. May god give them all the happiness and healthy kids!!

Some kick-ass literature

I was fortunate that I got my hands on same great books. Now I am planning to buy a kindle let’s see when it happens. If only one thing in life I would like to change it would be that I would have started reading voraciously earlier in my life. I might have behaved a bit differently in some situations I faced in past. No remorse’s, the choices your make define who you are and I am very proud of everything I have done till now. Screw you all the haters!!

Got a new Job

After so many hiccups I managed to cash in a new job, and by grace of god I am doing great. It came up to me in most unexpected way but I feel that something fresh has started in me.

2015 was filled with moments when I doubted myself, doubted the decisions I made. There were times when I felt so bad that I can’t express but deep down in your soul when you are surrounded by all the negatives, there is a stir of resiliency.  The fighter in you wakes up and taunts you to stop being a sissy and put up a fight. The endurance kicks in. I realized that time doesn’t stays the same. You have up’s and down but to keep going is the ultimate mantra.  Life is filled with magic and I felt it at multiple occasions in 2015. 

Happy holidays and merry Christmas!!   
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