Amarnath Yatra: Stop thinking start feeling

I was eager  to write about my experience of Amarnath yatra  for a long time. It’s been around 9 months since, I have been there and finally I am trying to pen down my thoughts.  

I won’t go into much of my journey details except for the fact that we did go in a chopper which cut shorts your time of journey by 12 Km as compared to foot travel which is 18 km from Baal taal.
Once you begin the  journey and stand in middle of mountains it’s altogether a different feeling. Weather changes with wave of a hand. Travelling roads are les than a meter wide for both ways traffic with steep fall on one end.  It took us 6 hours to travel 6 km and we were tired as we were about to reach the cave. Now comes the interesting part.  Once you are inside the cave and you hear the chanting of “om” by other devotees there is a electric surge which goes down your spine and revitalizes your spirit. The experience is something which can only be felt and then as a person I realized something’s are spiritual. As a person you feel exposed in front of Lord Shiva. That’s why journey is Stop thinking start feeling.
For those all who are reading it till here, I will recommend you to go and feel the power!! Stop thinking start feeling .
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