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What my Red 3 feet Punching bag taught me.

I bought a punching bag around six seven months back. I remembered when I placed it over my shoulder to hang it on the third floor of my house my balls got a short circuit as it was pretty heavy. Usually when I box I often feel that I am Rocky Balboa and some chicks are staring me from a corner in the word and I get pumped up. 

But in reality the hot chick who lived nearby my house is under strict scrutiny of her mother and because of this she is missing training of a Stalliaon. Till this previous paragraph I have used a trick which is called “Exaggeration” giggle. Reality is I usually get tired and loose focus  in a short span of around ten minutes and the only person who is witnessing me is a old men who is enjoying the sun on top of his roof and I guess he is myopic.

I got inspired by a youtube video  called Heavy Bag Boxing Drills - The 30-30-30  and got ready to practice it. I watched the video with precision and absorbed all the details. Till third round I was fucked up. I lost the focus and was breathing heavily. Then I just turned off my brain. Removed my boxing gloves and then though I was done for the day.  


 I changed the song on my music player and set it to Katy Perry :-The one that got away , cranked up the volume. The song started , I was tapping my feet wearing the Hand wraps and stated jumping and moving my feet like Rocky Balboa in eye of the tiger


Though I was no wear near the perfection with which Rocky Did it , I started hitting the back again. There was no technique but there were power in my punches. I loved the solid bam, thud  sound that came each time I hit the bag right. I felt I was in the zone and I start to love it. It is somewhat the same feeling I go through when I cycle. Read

Usually in life we have to first follow rules which are traditional and then follow them. But there comes a time in your life when you have to forget everything, follow your gut and go with it. And I guess these are the things which defines how rules are written for others to follow. The choice is totally dependent on you. You either be a follower or a leader.

Like the saying goes Love is like playing the piano First you must learn to play by the rules then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

This post is dedicated to wordpress ninja and fitness expert Lali Don who also owns a Punching bag and likes to beat the shit out of it.

Stay young Stay Raw!!


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